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HyperSolar new breakthrough in photovoltaic cells

Issuing time:2021-08-18 16:37

Foreign web site reported: HyperSolar company announced its photovoltaic battery voltage has broken 1.5 V to 1.55 V.

Company announced before the photovoltaic battery voltage is 1.23 V, but it was not long ago to ascend to 1.4 V, but the lowest theoretical voltage required for electrolysis of water is 1.5 V, so the 1.55 V voltage is significant breakthrough, make the photovoltaic cells used for hydrolysis of hydrogen production and large-scale commercial application.

Breakthrough to achieve the voltage or in the company is located in the university of Iowa study base, where researchers are now working to will increase the voltage and current of photovoltaic cell to the highest.

After the voltage of 1.5 V, the company's main focus will be on by photovoltaic cells and ideal hydrolysis catalyst for hydrogen production to improve the efficiency of hydrogen production. In order to achieve this goal, companies are also trying to two parallel method. One of them is the search for the photovoltaic cell and hydrogen production catalysts can be combined the best materials, so as to improve the conversion efficiency of light energy to hydrogen. The second is find out the ways to further enhance photovoltaic battery voltage (up to the higher than 1.7 V), so that it can be combined with cheaper catalyst and no loss of hydrogen production efficiency.

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