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Japan testing wind driven the hydrogen supply chain

Issuing time:2021-08-18 16:37

Foreign web site reported: according to the report of the United Nations panel on climate change, global emissions each year nearly 25 billion tons of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, this more than half from power generation, heat production, industrial, and transportation use of fossil fuels. Japan's big businesses and the public sector in announced on September 8, cooperation to build a renewable wind driven carbon neutral hydrogen energy supply chain, the project test site near yokohama and kawasaki jing-bin coastal areas.

In the test project, wind power will be used for producing oxygen and hydrogen, which is stored for local. Grid will be used only as a backup power when you use only, and wind power hydrogen excess power may also be sold to power company.

According to the current plan, the project will include:

- a wind passing water electrolysis hydrogen production system

- a system to optimize the hydrogen storage box of transportation

- use fuel cell vehicles

- a feasibility study on the hydrogen supply chain (the price of hydrogen, reduce carbon emissions, etc.)

In the public sector, the project by the kanagawa prefecture government, yokohama, kawasaki city to implement. Four participants to sutra rock valley, Toshiba, Toyota and Toyota turbines and company system. In addition, the project will be supported by the environment ministry.

Total project time limit for a project is expected to more than four years. In the present stage, the project partners in discuss the details. Formally implemented project will start from April 2016.

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