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Palladium membrane and membrane module


Hydrogen purifiers

Hydrogen production / H2 output: 0-20M 3/ h;

Hydrogen purity / H2 Purity: ≥ 99.99999%, which is related to the purity of feed gas;

Main applications: gas chromatography, fuel cell, synthetic diamond, electronics, metallurgy, etc

1、 Product introduction

The product uses advanced palladium membrane separation technology to refine the crude hydrogen into high purity hydrogen. The hydrogen separator based on palladium membrane has the advantages of small volume, high integration and fast separation speed. It is the first choice for small-scale hydrogen production system and is widely used in gas chromatography, fuel cell, electronics, environmental protection, metallurgy and other industries.

2、 Main technical specifications

Hydrogen purity: ≥ 99.99999%; Maximum purification capacity: 0-20 m3 / h

Feed hydrogen pressure: 0-2 MPa purified hydrogen pressure: adjustable

Hydrogen content of raw material: not less than 50% working time: continuous use


Yiwu Ruisheng New Material Technology Co., Ltd.


Yiwu Ruisheng New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Yiwu Ruisheng New Material Technology Co., Ltd.



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